April 14, 2014

Happy Fourth Birthday Printable

Somebody around here is celebrating her fourth birthday this month! The new baby is due almost the same date as big sis' birthday, so we hosted her birthday party with friends a few weeks in advance. I'll try to share a few photos from the party, and maybe a tutorial on how I made the fours in a four print, but for now, I just wanted to pop in with a super quick blog post.

These are the prints I displayed on our counsel table by the front entryway. The one on the left is a free printable from Petit Lemon which you can find at this link. The file downloads with blank spaces for you to customize with your child's details. It's actually intended to be a giant poster, aka engineer size print, but I chose to print it at home in a smaller size.

The print on the right, the fours in a four, is the one I designed specifically for the occasion using her favorite colors. It took a little bit of time to get the coloring and spacing just right, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I took screen shots during the design process and plan to type a tutorial later, but for now, here's a closer look at my fours in a four, Happy 4th Birthday print.

Feel free to copy, save, and print this image if you'd like to use this print in your own party celebrations. Personal use only, please :)

March 25, 2014

Build it! Display Stands for Miniature Garland and Buntings Tutorial

I think miniature garlands are just the cutest things ever. And they're so simple to make. Pretty much everyone can sew a few paper circles together (or glue tiny burlap flags) to create instant decor for pretty much any occasion. It's cheap and easy. My two favorite adjectives.

However, I sometimes struggled to find places in my home for displaying those tiny little buntings.

I've seen plenty of images online of perfectly styled mantels with miniature garland draped along old window panes, shutters, and even giant chalkboards. And it all looks beautiful. But without those vintage decor elements, finding a spot to display miniature garlands in my home was difficult. Thus, although I love them, I rarely decorated with them.

Until the day I saw THIS brilliant idea at Find It, Make It, Love It. I absolutely loved it. And I had to have it. But I don't live in Utah, and the supply store mentioned doesn't ship.

So........ I crafted my own version, DIY style. Here's what I came up with.

Project Estimates
Total cost: Under $10
Total time: Less than an hour

Supply List  (all items found at a hardware store)
(1)  1- 1/4 x 48" Poplar Dowel
(1) Wood Closet Rod Socket set
(2) Wooden Finials in the same diameter as your dowel (marketed as furniture legs)
***Verify that all items are the same diameter, and will fit together

You will also need to use a saw, drill, screws, and paint.

Step 1: Determine how tall you would like your display stands. Keep in mind that the taller you make it, the less sturdy it will be.
Step 2: Cut two pieces of equal length from your dowel rod.

Step 3: Drill guide hole for screwing on the finial top. Attach finial.

Step 4: Attach the closet rod socket to the base with a drill and screw. You may need to use a countersink drill bit first to ensure the head of your screw will lie flush  - we don't want our display stand to wobble!

Step 5: Paint or stain

Step 6: Enjoy!

March 20, 2014

March 17, 2014

Thirty Years of Christmas Letters: A Shutterfly Scrapbook

Hello Friends! Today I want to share something that I've been meaning to make for a long time... a photo scrapbook with over thirty years of my family's annual Christmas letters.

Every year since their marriage, my parents have been including a Christmas letter and family photo with their annual holiday cards. In the days before email, Facebook, and Instagram, these Christmas letters helped connect our family and update long distant friends and relatives of our happenings throughout the year.

Fortunately for me, my parents thought to save a copy of each year's letter and photo as a keepsake for themselves. Looking back at old Christmas letters written by my parents about me and my siblings is a trip down nostalgia lane - almost like reading an old diary about yourself.

I thought it would be neat compile all of the annual Christmas letters - over thirty years - into one book. I also knew that my siblings would want a copy, so I turned to Shutterfly to create a photo scrapbook that could be printed in multiples. One for each of my family members.

Making a photo scrapbook with Shutterfly is super easy. I've ordered numerous photo books through them in the past. Great price, great quality and their website is really user friendly, making photobook creation a breeze.

Here is a peek inside my completed photobook. (Check out the frilly hat hanging in the background of these photos. Gotta love the 90's!)

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I make a very small commission on any orders placed after clicking on the links contained in this post.
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