July 24, 2014

Life Lately- Summer '14

I'm not sure if it's the relatively mild weather we've been having, or the fact that we have a baby, but this summer seems to be flying by. I can't believe that August (and back to school) is just around the corner!

Here's a peek into my life lately....

As you might expect, most of our focus this summer has been "Baby Ray Ray," who is now three months old. I kind of thought that having a second child would be a repeat of our first experience, but I could not have been more wrong. Maybe it's because we are seasoned parents, or maybe we just got lucky, but this baby is sooooo much easier than our first.

In fact, she's been such an easy baby that I sometimes find myself entertaining crazy thoughts that nobody in their right mind should be considering with a newborn. Things like,
"Maybe I should open an Etsy shop."
"Is she too young to bring to Disney World?"
"Lets buy a house and move across town before school starts!"
"Do we really need birth control? A third child 12 months apart wouldn't be THAT difficult."
...you get the idea...craziness....
The four year old is still adjusting to her new roll as big sis. Some days she adores her sis and other days... not so much. She talks a lot about "eating the baby," which I finally figured out is her way of asking to put the baby back in my tummy.

I tried to explain that food goes into your stomach, but "babies grow in a separate part of your tummy", yada yada, "babies come from a special seed", yada yada, "only God can put a baby in your tummy" yada yada yada.

I mean how much anatomy/biology do you really share with a preschooler? It didn't matter because she didn't believe me anyways. She still asks me to eat the baby.
This year's VBS theme was Weird Animals. The kids enjoyed learning how, we're all a little different, but God loves us the same. I typically don't like children's music, but the corresponding CD for this theme is really good. Anyone else enjoy the music as much as I did?
All of the VBS decoarations were great, but one idea really caught my attention - 
Spiral cut pool noodles! 
They're big, bold, and looks easy enough to replicate. Just think of all the possibilities!

I also chopped off all my hair this summer. Nine months of pregnancy hormones left my hair longer and thicker than ever before. But I rarely had time to dry and straighten that long of hair, so I traded my long locks for a shorter 'do and sent my eight inch ponytail off to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths hair donation program. Did you know it takes more than eight hair donations to make a single wig?


That's about all for now. Take care!

June 22, 2014

11 Updates to My Blogger Blog

I've made a few updates recently to this little blog's layout and appearance. I'm going for a simpler and more streamlined look. Do you like it?
Here's the complete rundown of the new changes....

  1. Switch to a simple layout with a plain white background.
  2. New About Me Page - Want to know which TV shows are on my DVR? Check it out!
  3. Create a new welcome headshot photo - the standard blogger intro photo I had been using was smaller than I wanted. I replaced it with an "image" gadget from the Google layout page and used picmonkey's new circle cutout feature to create an updated welcome photo of myself.
  4. Update Pinterest and Blogger profile photos to match welcome photo. 
  5. Move the sidebar from the right to the left side.
  6. Use a Pinterest Board Widget in place of an image gallery to display previous post under the craft index tab.
  7. Clean up old posts - Some of my early posts were a little rough. I deleted a handful of old posts.
  8. Uninstall LinkWithin - A decision I made after reading this post, "Why I stopped using LinkWithin"
  9. Install nRelate - still on my to do list
  10. Adjust sidebar and overall blog widths. My previous overall blog width was narrow, resulting in a title header that appeared centered on the page (rather than left aligned). A larger sidebar also accommodates the preferred ad sizes on Google AdSense.
  11. Consolidate ads and optimize ad sizes - I realized that if I ever want to reach the magical $50 AdSense payout, I needed to optimize my ad sizes and switch to one of the recommended ad dimensions. Also, instead of splitting my earning between one Share-A-Sale ad and one Google AdSense ad, I consolidated, making both ad spaces through Google AdSense.
What do you think? How does the new layout appear on your web browser? Any sugggestions

June 14, 2014

Big Sister, Little Sister Shirt and Onesie (and Silhouette Cut Files!)

The first project I made using heat transfer vinyl was a Big Sister/ Little Sister shirt and onesie for my girls. I ordered my vinyl online from Happy Crafters and used my Silhouette cutting machine to cut the design. Designing and making custom shirts just might be my favorite craft of all time.

I'm sharing my Silhouette cut files for the Big Sister Little Sister shirts at the end of this post if you'd like to make your own. Let me know if you have any trouble opening the files. Personal use only please.

Here are my girls wearing the shirts I made. Aren't they adorable? Miss L is such a protective big sister.

Here are the cut files if you'd like to make your own shirts. The text is already reversed for use with heat transfer vinyl, but you can flip it back if you'd like to use the files with another medium, like paper.

Big Sister Little Sister Free Cut Files

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June 6, 2014

Scrabble Tile Art

Here is a project my sister recently made using wooden Scrabble letter tiles. "Dream With Me" is such a great sentiment that fits well with the rest of her Parisian d├ęcor. I'll have to ask her where she got that frame - I love the modern French farmhouse vibe!