September 17, 2011

The Headband Makeover

The inspiration: That's my headband
and makeup she's playing with.
Headbands. It amazes me how such a simple little thing, like a headband, can bring such joy to a young toddler. Our daughter has numerous hair accessories - mostly clips and soft head wraps - but recently she has taken a strong liking to the rigid, firm type of headbands. More than once she's gotten into my makeup drawer, taken out my face washing headband, and insisted that I put it on her. She then proceeds to trot around the house proudly showing off "her" headband. It's an old headband and I don't mind if she wears it. The only problem is, I can never find it when I need it, to hold my hair back as I wash up for bed. So today's mission is to give the beansprout a little black headband of her own.

The backbone for this project was a little purple headband that seldom gets worn. I removed the purple fabric cover to reveal a plastic base. The I used some satin ribbon and a little glue gun to recover the frame. I even added an extra loop of ribbon on the side to accommodate an interchangeable hair clip. This  was a quick, fun, afternoon project.

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