September 6, 2011

Little Girl Hair Bow Holder

Recent gift for my niece 
 How to Make a Little Girl Hair Bow Holder

Heartfelt oohs and ahhs are sure to be received when you make one of these hair bow holders for the next little girl's baby shower you attend. The mother-to-be will be touched by the personalized hand-made gift and the other guests will be impressed by your craftiness. They'll never guess how simple and easy it was for you to make!

What you'll need...
Wooden plaque 7" ($0.99 at Hobby Lobby)
Scrapbook stickers ($2.99)
Paint and paintbrush
3 feet grosgrain ribbon (has ridges) for bottom
1.5 feet chiffon ribbon (lightweight) for top
optional: glossy finishing spray, such as Triple Thick Master Shine Super Gloss Finish by Design Master
(Entire project costs about $10)

How to make it...
First, paint the background color. You may need to apply two coats. Because I chose white for my background, I was able to use some leftover interior latex paint from a previous home project. Once dry, add embellishments and personalization as desired. I freehand the baby's name and then place the scrapbook stickers. To give the project a finished look, I then spray generously with a finishing spray. This also helps prevent peeling of the stickers from exposure to humidity (if hung in a bathroom.) Allow to dry thoroughly. The final step is to glue gun the ribbon to the back of the plaque. For the bottom, used ribbon length of 12" cut on diagonal. For the top, I first attached the main support loop and added the bow secondarily.

Happy crafting! These are so much fun to create and joy to give as gifts!

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