October 24, 2011

Fabric Bows

Earlier this week, I showed off my cute little diaper clutch and changing station and gave you instructions to make your own. Hopefully you saved your fabric scraps, because today I am going to show you how I made the hair bow that embellishes the front of the clutch. There are many different ways to make a fabric bow. Here's my version.

1. Cut two identically sized squares. The size doesn't really matter, as long as the two pieces are the same. 
2. With the right sides together, sew the two squares along the perimeter, rounding the corners, and leaving a small opening in the center of one side.
3. Invert through opening.
4. Sew the opening shut. Don't worry if the stitches show. They will get gathered up in the next step.
5. Pinch into an accordion fold and wrap ribbon or strip of fabric** around center, using glue to attach to hair clip. 
6. If desired, attach additional ribbon bow.

 **If using fabric strips to secure the center, be sure to fold in the raw edges and press (iron).

Fabric bows with various ribbon centers.

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