January 21, 2012

Baby "Box" Car Adventures

The first several weeks of winter spoiled us with unseasonably warm weather. Picnics at the park, afternoon walks, and lots of outdoor play filled our days. Sure we wore jackets, but the sun and warm temperatures made it feel more like early April, not early January.

Last week winter finally came. The moods of those inside the house reflected the gray dreary weather outside the house. The Bean Sprout was fussy, the cat was irritable, and I was bored. We needed an "active" activity to entertain us. It was time for baby boxcar adventures!

After looping an old bed sheet through the grip holes of a diaper box, the Bean and I were soon racing up and down the hallway on our baby friendly race track. The diaper box glides quite well over our carpeted hallway. We were both laughing and giggling in no time. 
When we were tired of racing, actually, I was the only tired one (sprinting with a baby is exhausting ;) it became a vehicle for gathering stuffed animals and toys. Climbing in and out of the box was another source of entertainment. Eventually, she discovered that the box made a cozy little reading nook.

Who knew a diaper box could provide such fun? At the end of the day, the box was tattered and torn and placed in the recycle bin. But that's the best part about this activity, there's nothing to store and nothing to clean up. And in approximately 12 days, we can embark on another adventure when the next box of diapers is emptied :-)

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