February 29, 2012

Baby Gate Solution for Unusual Stairwell

Right end post extends out further than left.
When we bought our home five years ago, I did foresee our stair configuration as a baby proofing challenge. The realtor called our floor plan an Atrium Split, a variation on the standard split level design. This design has many half flights of stairs connecting the different rooms.

Yes, there are a lot of stairs, but the stairs themselves are not the problem. In fact, only one of the stairwells really needs a baby gate. But it was that one gate location that posed a problem. You see, the end posts, where you would attach a baby gate, are not symmetrical to each other. One end post extends out a foot further than the other. Regular baby gates cannot easily be used. See photo above.

As many of you know, my new found interest in crafting began this past summer while my husband was away on extended business. But what you may not know is that my first creative project involved a power tool, not a sewing machine. As is often the case with young kids, it seemed like our baby literally grew overnight. She went from those first tentative steps to courageously walking all over the place, in a matter of days. The need for a baby gate was suddenly very real and very urgent. I couldn't wait for my husband to fix the problem over his next weekend home. I had to find a solution now.

So with a plan on my mind and a baby on my hip, I headed off to Lowes. I had sketched out my idea and knew exactly what I was looking for: two hinges, a hook and eye, and a long board. Add that to the existing baby gate and a few supplies I had a home and voila - the gate that was hazardously propped up is now securely mounted.
Note the outer board extends down to the first step
for extra stability.

This was my first experience with an electric saw and it was invigorating. Yes, it was jagged and crooked, but I accomplished the task all on my own. I had a vision, formed a plan, and executed results. I felt capable and proud.

Perhaps packing foam and zip ties weren't the most glamourous solution, but it was certainly sturdy.

Today I cut down the zip ties and put the gate away. Our Bean Sprout is growing up *tear. Although we no longer need our baby gate, I hope this post will be helpful to others facing a similar challenge.

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