March 16, 2012

A Shower and a SPRINKLE for Two Special Babies

Two of my closest friends are expecting April babies this year. To help celebrate these upcoming arrivals, I was invited, and attended two wonderful baby parties - one baby shower, and one baby "sprinkle."

A Baby Sprinkle for the Second Child
I had never heard of a Baby Sprinkle until I was invited to one. Apparently, it is a new trend to celebrate the second child. A baby sprinkle, as the name suggests, is a lighter version of a typical shower - smaller guest list, smaller gifts, but equally big celebration and joy surrounding the arrival of the second child.

In this case, the expected baby was of opposite gender as the firstborn. With less than 24 months between the first and the second, the parents are still relatively prepared with all the big items and basic baby essentials on hand. The gifts given at the "sprinkle" were mostly girly and pink with a few consumable items given as well.

My gift was a diaper cake adorned with handmade headbands and bows. I used the basic method described here in my no-roll diaper cake tutorial. The three small upper layer tiers are approximately the size of baby's head and display each of the three headbands given. The bows are on alligator clips and are interchangeable to coordinate with outfits or can be worn alone when her hair is long enough.

Close up of the headbands and bows. (The teddy bear has another clip on its ear.)

For tips and tutorial to make a no roll diaper cake, click here. 

The bottom layer is wrapped in crepe paper party garland {tutorial here}

A Baby Shower to Remember
The other shower I attended last month was for a long time high-school friend of mine. This baby shower was hosted by a friend of hers, and was by far the best baby shower I have ever attended. This friend went all out and it was incredible. Seriously, this hostess could make a career out of it, she was that good. (Must take notes, so I can learn a thing or two.)

This shower was held at the mother-to-be's home - a central location for most of the attending guests - and the entire house was transformed into a baby shower oasis. I have never before seen shower like it. The decor, the activities, the food, the party flow, no detail was too small. Everything was well thought out and executed. (It was no surprise when I later found out the hostess' family is in the catering business.)

As guests entered the home they were greeted by this stunning crepe paper display. I heard it took forever to weave, but the effect was quiet dramatic. I must remember this for future kid birthday parties!

As I mentioned earlier, the entire house was involved in the baby shower celebration, not only in decorations, but also in shower activities. In each corner of the home, was a small table with an interactive baby shower game. As the guests mingled and enjoyed the food and beverages (also impressive) they also meandered through the home participating in the activities.

The first table in the entrance hallway provided each guest with a plastic bangle. Instructions on the table informed the guests that for the rest of the party they were no longer allowed to use the word "cute." Any person caught saying that word would forfeit their bracelets to the person who called them out on their error. This game was actually quite fun, despite the fact that I lost my bracelet almost immediately. (It's really hard to avoid saying cute at a baby shower!)
Another table had a blind item identification game (baby items sealed in paper bags), and an unusual celebrity baby name matching game (pair baby with parent). I love the orange tulle casually spread over the tablecloth. Another table offered guests the opportunity to write a funny parenting story or words of advice to the parents-to-be.

The guest list for this shower was quite large, so having activities spread throughout the house kept the main living area from feeling too congested. Of course we still played the typical gift opening BINGO as a large group, but for the most part, the games were dispersed into at-your-own-pace activity tables around the house. Presenting the activities in this way added to the smooth flow of the party. There was no awkward transition from mingling, to eating, to games, because all elements of the party were simultaneously occurring at once.
 Another plus of having the party at the mom-to-be's house was that the guest could admire her stunning nursery. Each of those letters was lovingly painted by hand and mounted with Command's Velcro Strips. Not only do these Command Strips save her walls from 26 little nail holes, but the velcro variety also eliminates the need for a level - if one letter is a little wonky, just wiggle into alignment. (Remember the "Favorite Things Party" I hosted a few months ago? It's no wonder this friend brought the Velcro Command Strips as her favorite thing!)

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  1. what a beautiful shower. i love doing diaper cakes too.. girls are much more fun since the decor on it can be like what you did.. bows! unique ideas for boys?
    what a beautiful nursery they have. oh and i'm using that crepe paper for the stairs for my 1yr old's bday this week! it's great!

  2. Hello! I love this nursery. Do you know what her bedding is called?

    1. Okay, I heard back from my friend. She says the bedding is from Target and is called "Summersault." But, it's currently on clearance so you might want to act fast if you are considering purchasing it.