May 10, 2012

In True SAH-Mommy Style

This is me. In real life. No false illusions here, I'm an ordinary, everyday mom. Here is a common example of my early spring wardrobe.

In true SAH-Mommy style...
There is mud on my jeans from a morning of fun playing outside with the Bean.
Peanut butter fingerprints decorate my sleeve as little souvenirs of a lunch time hug.

A favorite ball-cap hides the fact that springtime humidity has left my hair frizzy.
My shoes are old. My clothes are worn.

I no longer meet appreciative patients and I no longer get paid. I know it's cliche, but I seriously have the best job in the world - being a full time mommy. I almost didn't make this choice, but I'm so glad God has led me to where I am today!



  1. You look adorable! And... you don't get paid? Nonsense! You get paid every day when that little girl wants a story read or you to play and numerous other things! I am so glad you get to watch your little Bean Sprout grow up! She is a lucky little girl! Oh, and you are a great Mom to boot!