June 19, 2012

The iRun Sweat Towel (A repurposing craft)

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My husband has become quite the runner recently. Unlike most long-distant athletes, he did not grow up as a jogger. He never enjoyed leisurely jogging or ran ran a single race until last year, when I talked him into running a 5k with me. Since then, he has become much more of a runner than I ever was. And a devoted runner at that. He'll lace up his sneakers at 9:30 PM (or later) for a late night jog and he's also upped his racing distance to 10k - 6.2 miles.

I am really proud of him and his dedication towards his newfound hobby. However, there is just one teeny weeny little thing about this new hobby that drives me NUTS....

I can't stand it when he plops his drippy sweaty body down on our carpeted family room to stretch in front of the TV after a long run. He kindly obliged to my objections and began using a bath towel as a barrier between the carpet and his saturated body. That worked just fine, but I didn't really like it.

I decided he needed his own designated sweat towel. Which I cheesily decided to adorn with the words iRun, written in the style of the Apple's product line.
I dug threw our towel collection and found two that were particularly aged. I selected this white bath towel (with a hole) and this (bleached) blue hand towel. I was on a mission to repurpose new life and functionality into these old towels.

Anyone else recognize these classic butterfly shaped bleach marks? 

For you porcelain skinned beauties, I'll fill you in. The reason your pimply friends always use white towels (and bring their own washcloths when staying overnight) is because the benzoyl peroxide often found in acne treatments has a bleaching effect.

When cutting the letters, I tried to dodge the worst of the bleach marks and then used a simple zigzag stitch attached the blue letters to the corner of the towel.

Making this towel was a super easy repurposing craft, but a project with a big impact none the same. Now I can be the supportive wife I want to be, instead of constantly nagging about the sweaty carpet or the fact that all the good towels are constantly in the wash. :-)


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  1. How funny! I love that you made your husband his own approved sweaty towel. For it being a 'sweaty' towel, it is about the cutest sweaty towel I have ever seen. I love that you added, I run to it.

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  3. That is adorbs and it absorbs! :D Okay, that was corny!

    Anyhoo.. I have similar stains from dying my hair. Brown butterfly marks from hair dye left after I put my hair up in a turban. I have a set of "dying" towels so I don't keep ruining my good ones.

    Although you idea is so cute it would be worth sacrificing them for that!

  4. fun idea! My husband is a runner as well, and coming home sweaty is certainly gross! Thanks for the great idea!

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  6. Mischele- you are so cute! I love your blog- I miss you! Hope all is well with your sweet family.
    Lisa Linhart