August 28, 2012

A Father's Memorial Shadow Box

This summer a friend of mine unexpectedly and very suddenly lost her father. It's been a tough summer for her and a sad reminder to all of us that life is all too fragile.

Here is the shadow box memorial that I made for her in honor of her father.

The items included are, a photo of her father and her son walking hand in hand, wheat from her father's farm, Irish Blessing - family heritage, green ribbon - favorite color, "Father"3D scrapbook decal,  and the program from the funeral.

The maroon name plate and the Irish Blessing were both mounted on a small piece of foam board to add dimension.


  1. How thoughtful of you. Just the gesture made me cry. You are a true and loyal friend and I am glad you are part of our family. Beautiful job!

    1. Thanks Becky. I am glad to be a part of your family too :)

  2. I was looking for inspiration to do a shadowbox memorial of my Grandma to give to my mom - and I cam across yours. Thanks for your beautiful work and for sharing it. I have good ideas and a direction to take now!