October 1, 2012

Costumes of Halloweens Past

The Octobers between college graduation and parenthood were filled with a number of memorable Halloween parties in which my husband and I frequently dressed in matching or themed couples costumes. Here's a peek into our couples costumes of the past.

2006: This were last minute costumes thrown together an hour before the party. Can you guess the adjective we are trying to personify?

2007: Hawaiian troll doll costume. Sadly, no photos from this year, but below is an example of how I wore my hair straight up. You can click HERE  if you'd like to read troll doll hair tutorial.

2008: The hubs and I hosted our first Halloween Murder Mystery Party, which I've wrote about HERE. The theme for the party was 80's High School Reunion. I forget my character's name, but the hubs was Mike Majesty, Homecoming King. Our friends had incredible costumes as well.

2009: Sperm and Egg. This is by far, my favorite couples Halloween costume because it also served as a humorous way to announce our pregnancy. I especially like the back of his shirt which says, Varsity #47,295 (Although, in reality we ended up telling our closest friends a few weeks prior to the actual party.)

Fallopian Swim Team Varsity #47,295

2010: Two of our friends had such fun at our 2008 Mystery Party that they decided to host their own Murder Mystery Halloween Party. This was our first time out with friends post baby. It was pirate themed and it was a blast.

2011: But perhaps the best Halloween attire of all is just being mommy and daddy to one cute little duckling.


  1. All very cute! We used to be so into Halloween...now it's all about the little one(s)!

  2. What a fun walk down halloween costumes memory lane. Of course, as you already know, the duck stole the show :)