November 13, 2012

My Sister's Headband for the Glow Run 5K

My little sister is very fitness minded and always finds the most interesting ways to stay in shape while having fun. This year, she's been frequenting the 5k running circuit - but not just your typical 5k race - oh no, she finds the most unusual and creative runs to compete in. 

In May, she ran the Warrior Dash, a strenuous obstacle course beast of a race. In June, she ran a Color Run, where participants wear white and have powdered paint thrown onto them as they run past. A few more typical races filled the later half of the summer and this past weekend she competed in a Glow Run, a neon infused 5k race (3.1 miles) complete with black lights, glow sticks, and a hoppin' post party. 
My little sister at the Glow Run
So what do you wear to a glow run? The answer is neon. And wear as much neon as possible. At least that's what I'm told. I've never been to such a run. But with the black lights on, the neon attire lights up fabulously. 
Here are some race day pics of my sister and her friend. Do you like her neon party tiara? (It was made by yours truly, so you better like it. ;)
Truth be told, I didn't have the Glow Run in mind when made this brightly colored headband. Actually, I made a few of these headbands for my first craft show (an itty bitty event with only 6 vendors) and marketed them as dress-up tiaras for little girls.

Oh and just for grins, you know what my sister's next race will be?
An Ugly Christmas Sweater 5K  :)

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  1. Crazy question could we use the picture of your sister and her friend for some promo material for GLO run in Memphis, TN?

    1. Thanks for asking permission! My sister said that would be fine. The photos above has been compressed, but if you email me at thebeansproutnotes [at] gmail [dot] com I can send you a copy of the full resolution image.