February 15, 2013

Me Age Seven, "Do Not Forget My Birthday"

Twenty-two years ago I drew this sweet little Valentine's Day card for my father to take with him to work. A Valentine's Day card with a shameless reminder of my birthday :-)  Gotta love the honesty and self focused mind of a seven year old!

When my dad cleaned out his old files last year, he returned a large manilla file of my childhood art,  displayed in his office at one point or another over the years. This card, along with many other letters and artwork were carefully tucked inside.

Flipping through my old "masterpieces" was a fun trip down memory lane and a powerful reminder that the art we make is important. That the imperfect is cherished. And encouragement to guide my daughter to her own creative expression.

1 comment:

  1. How adorable! How fun that you have this from your 7 year old self. I love it. And, I suspect your birthday must be coming up too :)