March 6, 2013

Lucky Clover (Eucalyptus) Wreath

Here's my touch of Irish charm for St. Patrick's Day.... a lucky clover wreath.

Actually, the fact that I crafted this boxwood inspired project during the month of March was pure coincidence. I never intended for it to be seasonal decor. And it's not really boxwood or clover. It's artificial eucalyptus. And it's one of the final touches in our laundry room renovation. Every room needs a touch of green, wouldn't you agree?

I started this project by searching for boxwood wreaths. Purchasing a boxwood wreath is expensive! I switched gears and chose the DIY route after reading blogland advice for making boxwood wreaths. I thought I wanted boxwood....
It wasn't until I was standing in the middle of the floral department of the craft store that I realized what I really wanted. While I liked the look and texture of boxwood, I found that artificial eucalyptus had a better shape and a brighter hue. Five sprigs of eucalyptus and a grapevine wreath later and I was ready to craft.

Want to make your own?

What you need: 
1 - 14" grapevine wreath
5 eucalyptus sprigs
Burlap ribbon
Hot glue sticks and scissors

Step 1: Snip branches into short pieces (2-4 pairs of leaves per snipping)

Step 2: Apply bandaids for finger tip burn protection

Step 3: Hot glue onto wreath. I found this easiest when I applied glue to the bottom set leaves, rather than the main stem.

Step 4: Glue, glue, and more glue. I'm not gonna lie, this part was tedious and time consuming.

Step 5: Admire your work. Happy Spring!

I think it might need a burlap bow at the top. What do you think?

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  1. Your wreath turned out great! Where did you get the sprigs of greenery?

    I am pinning this to my wreath board on pinterest.

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

    1. I got the eucalyptus sprigs at JoAnn's -love that place!

  2. That is so cute! You are so creative and inspiring. So enjoy your blog!

  3. Now that is my kind of wreath. Beautiful. I have wanted to make a similar wreath but the cost has always stopped me. This is a brilliant frugal way to make a beautiful wreath. Lovely!

  4. Cute wreath! I would burn my fingers off! :)