November 14, 2013

Pinterest Poses (Photos) and our little BIG Announcement

Ahh.... Pinterest. The internet's best free teacher of all things creative. Seriously. I've learned so many things from various pins I've seen. Everything from craft techniques, cleaning tricks. 

The secret to getting the most out of Pinterest, however, is all about which pinners (and boards) you follow. Hate to cook? Then unfollow your best friend's "Yummy Delicious" board with its 1,000+ pins. You can still follow her remaining seven boards, just eliminate the boards of no interest to you. This will free up your news feed for pins that actually inspire you.

Personally, I follow a lot of craft and DIY bloggers who provide a daily source of creative inspiration to nourish my brain's left hemisphere. Here's a link to my pinterest page, if you want to see who I follow.

Here are a few photography poses I've experimented with over the summer that were "pin-spired." 
(Sorry for the obnoxiously large watermarks - cautious mommy instincts on overboard today)

 Little Girl in Mother's Wedding Dress- I dug out my wedding dress this summer on my anniversary and both me and my daughter had fun trying it on. This photo of her wearing my bridal gown is just so sweet. Maybe someday (in the far, very far future) I'll display this photo at HER wedding.

Annual Birthday Collage- Make your own custom collages at to capture the many expressions of your little ones. 

First Day of Preschool- I loved using this free printable found HERE as a photo prop.

And finally, our little BIG announcement is that we are expecting baby #2 this April!!