November 2, 2013

The BEST Picnic, Camping, Couch Cuddling Denim Quilt Ever

As many of you know, I have long since wanted to make a denim quilt. Old blue jeans were collected and saved, squares were cut arranged by row, and then I developed a massive case of craft fright.

For two years a box of neatly organized denim patches sat tucked away in a basement closet. For two years I struggled to find the courage to actually assemble the quilt. I realize that sounds silly, but I was so afraid of disappointing myself and the expectations I had set for this blue jean blanket.

Then one day over the summer, I just decided to go for it.

And I couldn't be happier with the results. This fleece lined denim quilt has been the best picnic, camping, and couch cuddling blanket ever.

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I intentionally staggered the rows using rectangle blocks to avoid the seam thickness created by four square corners of denim. The quilt backing is an old cream colored fleece blanket which we were no longer using. (Sewn right sides together, flipped, and then topstitched.) To keep the two layers from separating, I placed a few "quilting" stitches around some of the squares.

The best part of all was discovering that perhaps I am not that much of a perfectionist after all. Yes, there are uneven stitches and the edges are slightly wonky, but you know what? In the end, those imperfections I was so worried about, really don't bother me at all. And the family memories we've made and are yet to make with this blanket are absolutely perfect :)

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Congrats on completing the quilt! It looks great. I have one that needs finishing.

  2. How beautiful! You did such a great job. We are all our own worst critic about stuff so flaws are never noticed by anyone but ourselves. Thank you for sharing your project and your talent.

  3. Thanks for the post...I have started a denim quilt and was concerned about the square corners breaking needles...I will now be adding strategic rectangles.

  4. I have been saving denim for over 20 years! Same thing, total craft fright!! But ready to take the plunge! What size did you cut your squares?

    1. Good luck! It's quite fulfilling to finally complete a project like this. I don't remember the exact size, but my squares were approximately the width of my jean legs