February 26, 2014

Easy Panel Crib Skirt from a $5 Walmart Bed Sheet

Hey everyone! Today I am going to share with you just how easy (cheap) it can be to sew your own crib skirt. By using a twin sized flat sheet you can save money on fabric and save time by utilizing the already hemmed edges. I made the crib skirt shown above for less than $5 using a flat sheet from Walmart.
This is the same crib we used with our first child and last time we didn't use a skirt. But with a growing family and shrinking closet space, I anticipate I'll need to use the under crib storage space this time and as cute as those floral storage containers are, I'd rather have them discreetly hidden behind a crib skirt.
I've seen some really cute DIY ruffled crib skirts, but frankly, I'm not that good of a sewist so a flat panel crib skirt was a better option for me. It's literally just two rectangles of fabric tied to the mattress frame.
Step 1: To begin, you will need to measure your crib with the mattress at the highest (newborn) setting. Consider if you plan to hem the cut edges and add extra for seam allowances as needed.
Step 2: Prewash and cut your fabric. If you are strategic in your placement and cutting, you can eliminate the need for hemming two of the four sides by utilizing two of the bed sheet's hemmed edges.

 Step 3: If desired, press and hem the two cut edges.
 Step 4: Cut fabric for remaining panels. Again, making use of the manufacturers hem line means less work for you.
 Step 5: Sew small strips of ribbon to back side of the panel. These will tie the skirt to the mattress springs.
 For me, I found it easiest to sew back and forth down the center of a single piece of ribbon near the hem line. Backstitching for stability.

Step 6: Tie to mattress springs and you're all finished!

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