February 12, 2012

I'm Planning a Party: Girls Night!

Every February I host a "girls only" activity with some of my friends. Last year my gal pals and I spent a kid-free, husband-free afternoon of laughing, lunching, and shopping together. This year I opted to plan a themed girls night at my house.

The theme for the night was, "My Favorite Things," a party idea I was first introduced to through my MOMS club. Below is the email sent to the guests explaining the concept of the party. Over the next few posts, I will explain more about hosting a "favorite things" party as well as to showcase my low-cost yet big-impact party decor. (It's amazing what you can create with a wire hanger, a toilet paper tube, and just a couple bucks of craft supplies. Curious? Take a sneak peak at my new blog header and then check back later this week for all the details ;)

Here is the email sent prior to the party...

Who's up for a girls' night? I know I definitely am!!!

The party will be held [date and party address]. The theme for the night is favorite things. I will be providing an assortment of drinks as well as a dessert. If you are willing, I would like for you to please bring your favorite appetizer (and the recipe!) as well as three small gifts - read below.

In addition to an appetizer, please bring three identical gifts of $3-5 each (for a total cost of ~10-15 dollars) because we will be doing a gift swap. The gift should represent the theme, my favorite things. Bring anything you want, from your favorite cooking item, beauty product, magazine, craft item, whatever - anything you would consider to be one of your favorite things. There are no restrictions! Each guest will bring three identical gifts and leave with three various gifts from the other girls

A few weeks ago I attended a similar party with the MOMS club girls. It was so much fun to see the creativity in the gifts purchased! One girl brought her favorite brand of tweezers, for example. I can't wait to see what you bring!

Because my friends come from different circles, (church, school, local, etc) most of you will only know a few of the other guests. But that's okay. You're all friends with me, so you must have something in common :-)  Plus it will make the gift swap even more interesting, to see the favorite products of women you don't know. It should be a fun night of laughter and good old girl time. I'm hoping to see you all there!! 

Please RSVP

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