February 9, 2012

A Valentine for Daddy: Craft FAIL

After seeing the following images almost simultaneously, (from Lines Across and Pinterest) I decided to attempt my own scribble art project with my daughter.

She is one and a half, (21 months, to be precise) and loves to color. I thought this would be an easy valentine project...

It started out fine. But she quickly decided that it was much more fun to practice her new skill of color identification. (Woohoo! You go girl!) 

And because I am a firm believer in letting kid art be KID art, I refrained the urge to "help" her scribble the page. Instead, I pulled out the seldom used markers, hoping to respark her interest. But it didn't. The next tangent of a project had been discovered: in the box, out of the box.

I decided to let the project be finished. There wasn't quite enough scribbles, so I did thinly outline the tape before peeling the tape off. And then the FAIL part of the project came in. Apparently, it was a bad idea to not test the tape's adhesiveness prior to beginning.... (several large chunks of paper peeled off with the tape)

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