March 24, 2012

Replacing a Flat - Jogging Stroller

Anyone else ever experienced that sinking feeling when you're two miles from home and suddenly realize that the jogger tire you aired up earlier, was actually a FLAT? So yeah... that was my experience back in November. (And let me just say, pushing home my 29 pound baby uphill on an absolutely flat tire is like running through dry sand.)

With no clue how to repair or replace an inflatable stroller wheel, I stashed the jogger in the corner of the garage where it sat all winter. When spring came, I found the motivation to fix my flat - which turns out to be extremely easy. Ladies, there's no need to pass this task to your hubby; you can easily solve this problem yourself!

First lets talk about the anatomy of the tire. Sandwiched between the metal rim and the exterior tire, is an inflatable inner tube. This is the part that needs to be either repaired or replaced. With replacement tubes easily found at Walmart for under $5, I chose to replace.

Before, you head off to Wally World, determine your wheel size (printed on the tire). Mine is 16" in diameter x 1.75" thick.

Lay your jogger on its side. 
Unscrew the tire cap.
Remove tire from jogger. 
Peel out the old inner tube and replace with the new.
 Insert the new inner tube.
Place wheel back on the rim.

Easy Peasy. You go girl!

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  1. Thank you for this post!!! I just got a free joggi stroller because the owner said it needed a new inner tube on one of the tires. I figured it couldn't be too hard to fix. Going to Walmart tomorrow. Thanks!!!