March 27, 2012

Six Rookie Craft Habits to Break

I am a rookie crafter. I make numerous mistakes, including these six bad mental habits. (I'll spare you my list of technical mistakes.)

1. Throwing Away/ Donating Old Things
I fully support donating to the Good Will, but before you give away, be sure to evaluate each item for it's hidden craft potential. Could this blouse be used as a fabric source? Could this old dresser be refurnished into something beautiful? I've seen some great before and after repurposing projects, it kind of makes me wish I still had some of my old things...

2. Never Shopping at the Dollar Store
Inspired after reading Rachel's snag it or pass it guide to Dollar Store shopping, (it's a four part blog series definitely worth reading) I made my first trip to our local Dollar Tree. All I can say is, WOW, my life is forever changed. I had know idea the dollar store carried half those things! Foam board for a dollar, seriously?!?! Dollar Tree, I do believe we will soon become good friends...

3. Perfectionist Mindset
This habit kicks my butt in two ways. Sometimes I attempt a project only to get frustrated by sloppy stitches and technical errors. Instead of being proud of my accomplishment, I feel disappointed. Other times, I won't even attempt a project, because I know I don't yet have the skill to complete it perfectly (or near perfectly).

Sometimes being objective and aware of our strengths and weaknesses is a good thing. For instance, you probably shouldn't paint in white dress khakis if you're prone to dripping. However, sometimes I use the "aware of my weaknesses" crutch as an excuse.

I've been collecting old jean pants from family members for nearly two years with the dream of one day making a denim quilt. I have more than enough denim at this point to begin my project, yet I rationalize with myself, "but I've never sewn with denim before" or "a quilt is such a big project," and conclude that I should hold off until I am more skilled....

I don't expect perfection from anyone else, so why do I look for it in myself? Now is time to embrace the imperfect, to muster up the courage and tackle those seemingly impossible projects!


4. Only Sewing for Others
This sounds bad to admit out loud, but I've never actually sewn anything for my daughter. I've made several personalized blankets and other appliqued gifts for friends and family, but not once have I ever sewn anything for her. 

5. Crafting Addiction
Having strong passion for something can be a great and wonderful thing, but without balance, crafting, like any hobby, can become an obsession. Need I say more?

6. Pinterest Obsession
Similarly, Pinterest can become a major time drain. I love the site, but can totally loose track of time while browsing in there. I recently shared a humorous list titled You Might Be a Pinterest Addict If... I had a lot of fun creating that list, but perhaps the biggest indicator I am a Pinterest addict is the fact that I actually enjoy Pinterest humor.

So here's to pinning less and doing more. Happy crafting!!


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  1. Great and thought provoking comments. Sometimes those obsessions (buying fabric for a project sometime down the road. Don't know what it will be, but I have got the material!!) don't turn out to be so bad after all. I have lots of fabric for lots of projects. It comes in handy not having to go shopping! Love your blog!

  2. You definitely have some really good points. I need to go to the dollar store way more often too.

  3. Great tips! I'm off to check out your Pinterest list...thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!