April 17, 2012

Balloon and Corker Ribbon Birthday Wreath

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Until I started blogging, I had never seen a balloon wreath (or even heard of it for that matter). But the online world is full of these festive wreaths. Every time I see one, my reaction is the same - I just love the bright colors and the fun spunkiness of it all. It was the one item I was most anxious to make and add to my birthday box this year.

Before I began, I collected my supplies:
Pipe insulator from the hardware store ($0.97)
2" Grosgain ribbon ($2)
Latex balloons (2@ $1.99)
Korker Ribbons ($2.99)

To minimize costs, I made my own wreath form by duct taping a 97 cent pipe insulator. I didn't realize it at the time, but using a pipe insulator was a double bonus because its narrow width meant I needed less balloons to fill the wreath.
Update 2014: Two years later, this pipe insulator wreath form is beginning to loose its round shape. If you want to reuse your wreath year after year, spend the extra money and purchase a real wreath form.

Originally, I was planning on using balloons with spiral pipe cleaners, but then I stumbled across these corker ribbon napkin holders ... on clearance.... in bright festive colors... and so the plan changed :)  
(Removing the ribbon from the metal napkin holder was super easy, only a twist tie attached the two.)

When buying balloons, I specifically avoided the large balloon variety, because I wanted my wreath to have a tight and tidy appearance. (In my humble opinion, the big floppy balloons tend to look droopy when used on a birthday wreath). 

After covering the pipe insulator with ribbon, I began to experiment with my supplies. It became quickly apparent that the two bags of balloons were more than enough. This was great because I allowed me to be picky about which colors to include. 

Hot glue was my attachment method of choice. But take my advice and bandage, or use a thimble, or do something to protect your fingertips. Even the toughest hands get tender after repeated exposure from this project. (Trust me.)

To add variety and texture, some of the balloons were hot glued into a folded position before attaching to the wreath.

I used my toilet paper wreath cuff technique to personalize the wreath for this year's party theme. I love using TP tube wreath cuffs, because you easily swap it out and update it to correlate with the event. (Simply cut a slit down the TP tube, decorate, a wrap around wreath.)

Here is a close up of the wreath cuff. I designed the "happy birthday" logo myself and printed at home. Let me know if anyone wants a digital copy; I can email it to you. They would also make great cupcake toppers for a very hungry caterpillar party.

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  1. Using the pipe insulator is sooooo smart! I love how the wreath turned out too. :-)


  2. I love this wreath! All the bright colors and different textures make it so festive looking!

  3. Ok, this is awesome! It turned out great! What a fun and festive wreath to hang on your door during birthdays. I like the different textures that the ribbons and balloons offer.

  4. This is such a fun wreath! I would love it if you would stop by and share your idea on my new linky party, Dare to Share. The balloons are so much fun.


  5. This is wonderful! I am pinning it for my boy's upcoming birthday!!

  6. This is one of my favorite balloon wreaths I've seen! And gorgeous photography!! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  7. I LOVE this wreath. It is very fun and could be used for any birthday theme by using colors to match the theme. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Could you pin the balloons on or would that be too hard? And, do you know what they call the thin balloons or where I can buy them...I have been looking to no avail :(

    1. Certainly! And using pins would save your fingers from painful hot glue burns :-) Although if you are using a pipe insulator for your wreath (like I did) make sure to get the shorter pins.

      As far as the balloons, I got mine in a multi-color party pack from Hobby Lobby. The two dark orange long skinny ones (seen in one of the photos) were bonus balloons. The rest were all regular balloons, of the smaller/medium variety. (No jumbo balloons here).

      I hope that helps and thanks for stopping by!

    2. Thanks so much! My mission is to make one soon and I will get back to you with the results!

  9. What a fun wreath to hang on the door for birthdays! I love it!