April 18, 2012

Generic Fruit Puffs: A Centerpiece and Caterpillar Krispies

I pinned this project several weeks ago because I loved the bright yellow "pop" of her mini Easter topiaries. I tweaked the technique slightly, combined it with the birthday candle idea that is wildly popular right now, and came up with this:

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The jar is a Classico brand spaghetti sauce jar. I like that the Classico brand jars are square - the candle is flush with the glass. The filler is Generic Fruit Puff cereal. I used this cereal because a) it is cheap, and b) it reminds me of the opening page of Eric Carl's Very Hungry Caterpillar book, which our party theme.

The yellow flower on top was made by tracing the bottom of a water glass to cut several circular pieces of fleece. I folded some in thirds and some in fourths (I like variety) and used a simple hand stitch through the points of the folded piece. I waited to use glue until attaching to the lid to give me a little more fluidity when positioning the flower petals.

Here is a pic of a third folded petals.
Caterpillar Krispies
With the remaining cereal, I made what I'm going to present as "Caterpillar Krispies". (Your basic Rice Krispie Bar recipe except with fruit puffs). Don't the cut edges look pretty?

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For optimal presentation, I recommend lining your pan with a wax paper and a light coat of cooking spray to prevent sticking. I took a second piece of wax paper (also with a light coating of spray) to gently press the top of the bars for a more level appearance.


  1. That is a super cute idea.. and you are right. It does remind me of the very hungry caterpillar!

  2. What a cute and fun centerpiece idea! And I must say, I wouldn't mind eating some of those Caterpillar Crispies! yummy :)