September 13, 2012

Office Cubicle Mini Wreath

A while back, I pinned this awesome college football wreath from Simply Living. (See the pin here.) Inspired by the masculinity of it (and looking for any excuse to attempt her argyle technique) I decided to made a similar version for my husband, who is an avid college football fan.

Just like the pinspiration, I yarn wrapped the wreath before glueing the felt diamond argyle pattern in place. White embroidery floss crosses on top and the pendant from a Mizzou homecoming necklace (Mardi Gras beads) finishes the look.

You can't really tell in the opening photo, but this wreath is an itty bitty little thing. Maybe 6" max. I picked it up for a quarter at a garage sale, but was stumped with what to do with something so small. Until now.

As it turns out, this itty bitty wreath displays quite well in an office cubicle. The hubby took it to work, and it now sits proudly on his cubicle wall   :)
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  1. That 's so cute! I'm not gonna lie. I'm surprised your hubby put it up. I'm not sure mine would.

  2. Oh my goodness, that is cute and little! I totally thought it was bigger based on the first photo. I'm pinning this idea. My hubby is a huge Packers fan. He might like something like this at work. He's a school counselor and sometimes gets into some sports rivalry with some of the teachers.

  3. That's soo cute! I agree with Shatzi; I had no idea how little it was until the second photo. What a great idea! I think argyle wreaths are adorable. Glad you shared at Shine on Fridays!

  4. I love how that turned out!! Thank you for linking back to me! My husband totally has a Royals penet hanging in his office too. I should make him a tiny wreath to go with it :) following you now!