September 17, 2012

Overhead Projector Love

I recently added an overhead projector to my arsenal of craft tools. In contemplating my first projector project, I've collected a round-up of creative ideas using an overhead projector.

Many of my schoolgirl memories, and likely many of yours, revolve around the teacher's use of an overhead projector. You know, that big bulky light projector with reusable transparencies that was used in place of a chalkboard. Maybe you remember eagerly volunteering to be the teacher's helper, who washed and dried the reusable transparency sheets - if only for the chance to spend a few unmonitored moments splashing in the sink basin. Or maybe you remember the welcomed warmth, on winter days, from sitting directly next to the projector cart, in the closest seats which were bathed in the hot exhaust of the projector fan.

Ah, the memories of yesteryear.... but I digress.

Aside from the obvious academic purposes, overhead projectors can play a vital role in some pretty awesome craft projects as well. After luckily finding one for a steal of a deal at a garage sale last week, I've been collecting creative ideas and plotting out my first projector project. 

Check out these incredible overhead projector projects, completed by equally talented individuals.

** Special note to Pinterest users: Give these gals their creative credit by pinning from original sources. (Follow the links provided) Thanks!

1. Tree Mural by Just a Girl. I love this fresh and feminine room.

2. Refinished Changing Table by Sawdust and Embryos. Check out her incredible before and after photos.

3. Projector projects aren't just limited to paint and furniture/walls. How about custom fabric design with Sharpies and Drop Cloth? This fabric project from Frou FruGal later becomes a reupholstered chair.

4. How fun is this photo prop from Offbeat Bride!?! I absolutely love it. And just think of the numerous applications!
I'm so excited to have found my latest garage sale find (a five dollar projector) Seriously. Just think of all the creative possibilities.

Oh, and while you debate which projects to tackle first, projectors are also fun children's entertainment :)


  1. I love the tree mural. I bought an overhead not too long ago, too! Now you have me inspired as well. I can't wait to see what you do.

  2. what fun!! an overhead ;) i have been thinking about doing a big mural in my daughters new room .. just not sure. i'm getting caught up on some blog reading! i've been kind of out of it since the move. now i've gotten back into posting :) but still doing some catch up! missed ya!!