October 17, 2012

Girls Night: Fashion Swap

I am a big fan of a girls' nights. A periodic moms night out goes a long way on fulfilling this gal's social need for friendship. Sure, we keep busy throughout the week with playdates, story times, and numerous moms club activities, but a kid-free evening with friends offers a completely different social dynamic.

Our most recent girls night was a clothing fashion swap. It was a blast! Each women searched her closet for gently used items she was ready to part with. Clothing, shoes, purses, belts, etc. were all brought for swapping with other women at the party.

After a mingling period of drinks and snacks, the clothing tables - which were organized by item type upon guest arrival - were opened up for swapping fun. At the end of the night, the remaining items could either be taken back by the original owner or left behind for drop off at the local Goodwill.

This party also benefitted our Moms Club fall charity project by collecting a $5 suggested donation at the door. But you could easily host this party without the fundraiser element if desired.

Thirteen women attended the clothing fashion swap and some incredible items were exchanged. The size of our party was just right as there was a variety of sizes represented. We chose to set an item limit of up to 15 items, but this is optional.  This was such a fun moms night out event. And as a budget mom, I was also exciting to refresh my wardrobes without spending a dime (well, except for the charity donation).

I've now been to two clothing swap parties, both as a guest and as a host. Both parties were great fun - I think it might become an annual event. Seriously, it's a fun night and I encourage you to host your own party. Evite even has several pre-designed logos specifically for such occasions.

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  1. This is a brilliant idea! Where are the pictures of what you swapped and got?

    1. I know - What sort of blogger forgets to take a single picture! Argh... oh well.