October 29, 2012

Make Crumpled Old Dollars Crisp (for gifts and crafting)

There are a number of reasons why one might prefer a crisp dollar bill over an old crumply one. Think back to your childhood for a minute. Anyone else remember the thrill of finding fresh crisp dollar bills in your birthday cards? Especially if that crisp bill was in a large denomination? Obviously the value's the same, but a handful of crumpled ones just doesn't quiet make the same impression. 

Or how about monetary origami? Yup, crisp money is definitely easier to fold. (Here's a peek into what I've been up to recently. More on that later.)
A slight hiccup to my latest craft endeavor occurred when my bank teller request for crisp new bills was unfulfilled. Much to my surprise, the bank does not frequently get shipments of fresh crisp dollar bills, as I thought, but rather the currency is transfered back and forth as needed between bank and corporate vault. I withdrew the cash anyways, not exactly knowing how I would fold these weathered and worn bills into the countless bling rings I was determined to make.

After a bit of experimenting I found the best technique for making sad old bills crisp again:

Spray Starch on front only
iron rapidly
turn over and iron backside 

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