November 1, 2012

Tutorial: Easy Ribbon Headbands

Match any style, occasion, or school team colors by making your own ribbon headbands out of any piece of ribbon. Sew your favorite ribbon or decorative trim onto elastic hair ties for a stretchy taunt headband that stays in place. In preparation for my first craft fair this weekend, I've sewn up several of these headbands using a sparkly purple ribbon to match the high school's team colors. Here's how to make your own.

What you need:
2 elastic hair ties
Piece of ribbon
Needle and Thread

Step 1. Begin by loop knotting the two elastic hair ties together.

Step 2. Don't cut the ribbon yet. First sew one side of the headband by folding the ribbon end around one of the elastic hair ties. Sew. (I used a machine, but you could easily hand stitch a project this small.)

Step 3. Measure ribbon to fit your head and cut to size. To do this, wrap around your head while slightly stretching the elastic ties. Use your finger and thumb to pinch the ribbon at desired length. Remove from head and add an additional inch for seam allowance and cut.

Step 4. Finish the headband by sewing close. (Same technique as step 2)


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