April 15, 2013

An Easter {Bunny} Hat

Have I ever mentioned what an incredibly talented family I was born (and then married) into? Seriously! They are all so darn creative. Someday I'll introduce you to each member and showcase a few of their talents. Someday.

Today, I'd like to share the most adorable Easter Bunny Hat I have ever seen. It was a gift from "Gigi." Isn't that just stinkin' adorable!!? I realize we're now a few weeks past Easter, but this hat was just too cute not to share :)
Here's another image. This shot gives you a better idea as to how the bunny ears were attached. 
(It's a bunny ear headband.)

Even looking at the photos now, I can't stop smiling. 

Interestingly enough, it was never intended to be actually worn. My mother-in-law gave the hat an inner wire to hang as wall decor or on the front door. 

But one sight of the hat and my daughter was in love. She insisted - in a still cute two year old sort of way - that the hat be worn on her head, for the rest of the afternoon. And I must say, the oversized hat looks awfully darn cute on her (relatively) little body :)

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  1. How sweet. I love that your mother in law made it as decor for the home and your daughter saw it as a fashion accessory. Really adorable.