April 4, 2013

I Made A Quilt!

I never thought I could actually make a quilt. I always assumed that quilt making was WAY beyond my beginner's sewing skills. Yet somehow I managed to complete this baby blanket in one piece.

I can still hardly believe it -- I made a quilt! It turns out piecing together a strip quilt is not nearly as intimidating as I once thought.
Seriously guys. If I can do it, anyone can.
(Looks like I should have ironed before photographing and gifting!)

Here is my completed quilt. The front is cotton pieces, the back is solid minky. To avoid the tedious blanket binding, I simply top stitching around the perimeter. I also stitched next to a few of the seams to "quilt" the front and back together together.

Then, I made a matching tag lovie with some of the extra fabric :)

Happy Friday Everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I am impressed. My mom is a quilter so I know what goes into the precise cutting and straight seams. You did a beautiful job. I love it!!!