May 30, 2013

Tricks for Life with a Two Year Old: My Reflections on Mommyhood

It's hard to believe my little girl is already three! Where does the time go?

When I reflect upon the past year, these are the little tricks that were helpful with the day to day life of parenting a two year old.

Keeping shampoo out the eyes: Apply static cling vinyl decals high on the wall over the bathtub. While shampooing tell child to look at the decals to keep head tilted up and the suds from getting in the eyes.

Juice box "wings": Are eager little hands griping too tightly and causing an overflow? Unfold the upper corners of the box and instruct child to hold the box by its "wings."

Built-In potty training lid: Best invention ever. Sandwiched between the adult seat and the lid is a thin little potty training seat which magnetically snaps into the upper lid when not in use. Sleek, streamlined, and easy to clean. It's awesome. We bought ours at Target.

Bath towels as bed liners: Our shower towels are the exact same size as the crib mattress in the toddler bed. Spread a towel over the mattress to help with small nap time leaks during potty training days. (Although we still used pullups at night)

Rubber Bibs: Way better than the regular waterproof bibs. The only bib you'll ever need. Just rinse, dry and hang on the oven door between feedings.

Stroller Tray Hinge: Does your stroller have a stroller hinge? I failed to notice this handy little feature of my stroller for almost two years. Look for the little button on the side of the snack bar. Great for getting your long legged child in and out of the stroller.

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