June 23, 2013

50 Little Joys

Can you think of fifty ordinary things that make you smile? What are the simple little joys that brighten your life?

The challenge was to think of fifty everyday things you enjoy and write them down. Here's my list. What joys are on your list? 

  1. Walking on my favorite local nature trail
  2. Going for a jog
  3. Making my daughter laugh
  4. Mocha frappacinos  
  5. Listening to music
  6. Falling asleep to the sound of the rain
  7. Reading stories to my daughter in the hammock
  8. Family walks after dinner
  9. Watching a sunrise/sunset
  10. Wednesday night TV with the hubby. (Current favorites: Modern Family and Nashville)
  11. Having a conversation with a good friend
  12. Surfing Pinterest
  13. Crafting
  14. Viewing family photos and videos
  15. Doing a yoga video at home
  16. Unprompted hugs from my three year old
  17. Dancing with our little princess
  18. Baking muffins with mommy's little helper
  19. Admiring a cloud formation
  20. Reading the Bible
  21. Shopping at Target
  22. Walking around JoAnn's
  23. Back rubs with the hubby
  24. Sunday Arby's on the way home from church
  25. Taking my daughter to the park
  26. Making love
  27. Pillow talk before falling asleep
  28. Playing hide-in-seek with the kiddo
  29. Catching the Chip Ingram show on the radio while in the car running errands
  30. Family date night to a restaurant 
  31. Savoring a piece of dark chocolate
  32. Word games
  33. Watching HGTV
  34. Seeing our child play with other kids
  35. Organizing 
  36. Having dinner with friends
  37. A full moon low on the horizon
  38. Singing in the shower
  39. Opening up the windows
  40. Getting a Redbox movie with my husband
  41. Pausing to watch big snowflakes fall from the sky
  42. Snuggling with my kiddo
  43. Completing a project
  44. Sitting around a crackling fire
  45. Finding deals at a garage sale
  46. Being silly with the family
  47. Dominoes Pizza Carry Out
  48. Video editing family videos
  49. Mid day phone calls from the hubs
  50. Swapping advice with friends

It took a while to think of fifty items, but I'm glad I wrote them down. Putting them on paper has helped me to see what I really enjoy and value. I notice many of the items relate to spending time with my husband and daughter, appreciating nature, and creative pursuits. 

I also notice what's not on the list -- blogging. While I still enjoy many aspects indirectly related to blogging (Pinterest, crafting, photography, completing projects, sharing advice) the actual writing of posts and blog upkeep is no longer that fulfilling to me. 

Maybe I'll return to blogging in the fall, but for the time being, there's at least fifty other things I'd rather be enjoying this summer :) 

1 comment:

  1. What a great list! I totally hear you on blogging not being as fulfilling, espeically when life gets busy and the summer is here. I have been feeling the same way! Have a great summer and enjoy the 50 things on your list.