November 22, 2013

Top 10 Free Advent Activity Card Printables

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(Note: I don't normally do round-up posts, but these Free Advent Activity Card Printables were too good not to share!)

I found the most adorable advent calendar at JoAnn's the other day. I loved everything about it. It was wooden, with tiny hinged doors, and it fit our decorating style perfectly. I had to have it.

The only problem was, I had no idea what to place inside. There are a ton of great countdown to Christmas ideas online - candy, activity cards, mini ornaments, small toys, pieces to complete a puzzle, etc. - but one idea stood out above the rest. Knowing that my three year old would most enjoy doing daily holiday activities, I decided to fill our countdown to Christmas with advent activity cards.

Because I don't have the time or talent to create my own activity cards - at least, not before the December 1st start date - I began searching online for free printables.

My search turned up so many adorably designed advent cards. And such clever activity ideas. It always amazes me how talented and generous my fellow bloggers are. If you use any of the following printables, be sure to thank the blogger who provided them. Here is a round up of my favorite free advent activity cards.

Top 10 Free Advent Activity Card Printables. 
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My all time favorite. Not only are the graphics adorable, but these printables from Wendolonia also include the most creative activities such as, "Create a snowscape with shaving cream and action figures."

Let's Lasso the Moon offers three different series of activity cards each with eye catching typography. The three styles include Must-See Holiday Movies, Advent Activities, and Fill in the Blank Holiday Clue Cards.

This classic red and white look from Add a Pinch coordinates well with any calendar theme

The best part about this version from The Painted Hive is that the downloadable file also includes a printable to make the cute little faux chalkboard envelopes. (Plus a great tutorial with detailed photos on how to build your own advent calendar.)

Loving the variety of graphics on this set of cards by A Little Delightful.

For the scrapbook lover in all of us, The Petit Cadeau provides activity card printables with space on each card for you to add embellishments.

No roundup would be complete without the inclusion of washi tape. These cute square printables can be found at Noodle Head

Design Dazzle really impresses with printables for over 100+ different advent activities.


These festive snowflake cards can be found at I Heart Organizing.  Check out her unique way to display a countdown calendar without a lot of space.

Or if you want to write all of your own personal activities, try Creativity Prompt's December daily free download. Each card has a different design, the date, and a blank area for you to write your own message.
Happy Countdown to Christmas!!!

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  1. What a great collection of advent activity card printables! I love them all!