June 22, 2014

11 Updates to My Blogger Blog

I've made a few updates recently to this little blog's layout and appearance. I'm going for a simpler and more streamlined look. Do you like it?
Here's the complete rundown of the new changes....

  1. Switch to a simple layout with a plain white background.
  2. New About Me Page - Want to know which TV shows are on my DVR? Check it out!
  3. Create a new welcome headshot photo - the standard blogger intro photo I had been using was smaller than I wanted. I replaced it with an "image" gadget from the Google layout page and used picmonkey's new circle cutout feature to create an updated welcome photo of myself.
  4. Update Pinterest and Blogger profile photos to match welcome photo. 
  5. Move the sidebar from the right to the left side.
  6. Use a Pinterest Board Widget in place of an image gallery to display previous post under the craft index tab.
  7. Clean up old posts - Some of my early posts were a little rough. I deleted a handful of old posts.
  8. Uninstall LinkWithin - A decision I made after reading this post, "Why I stopped using LinkWithin"
  9. Install nRelate - still on my to do list
  10. Adjust sidebar and overall blog widths. My previous overall blog width was narrow, resulting in a title header that appeared centered on the page (rather than left aligned). A larger sidebar also accommodates the preferred ad sizes on Google AdSense.
  11. Consolidate ads and optimize ad sizes - I realized that if I ever want to reach the magical $50 AdSense payout, I needed to optimize my ad sizes and switch to one of the recommended ad dimensions. Also, instead of splitting my earning between one Share-A-Sale ad and one Google AdSense ad, I consolidated, making both ad spaces through Google AdSense.
What do you think? How does the new layout appear on your web browser? Any sugggestions

1 comment:

  1. I love it! I am going for a more streamlined look too.. and I love the white on white. That is an interesting article about linkwithin. I am currently using it, but I may have to change.