August 3, 2014

Was it Worth It? The Five Sewing Projects I Made for Baby

During the last trimester of my pregnancy I had an overwhelming desire to make stuff - specifically to sew stuff. Now that I've had a few months to put my hand crafted items to test, I am thought I'd share which projects were worth the time and effort and which items were not.

Car Seat Canopy
Skill Level: Easy
Time: Under an hour
Tutorial Used? Not really, but heavily inspired from tutorials like this one and this one
Tips/Suggestions: Don't make it too long (or it will touch the ground and get wet/dirty)
Would I make it again? YES. I almost didn't make this project because I got along just fine without it the first time around, but let me tell you - second babies are different. When you only have one child you can choose to stay indoors if it's raining buckets. But your second baby gets trekked all over town- rain or shine - taking big sister to preschool, story time, playdates, etc.

Burp Cloths
Skill Level: Easy
Time: About an hour start to finish
Tutorial Used? Yes, this tutorial by Dana Made It
Would I make it again? Maybe. Great tutorial (especially her tips on packaging burp cloths for gifting and selling) and they look super cute, but I've found that I actually prefer using the boring white trifold cloth diapers over fabric lined burp cloths. Just personal preference. Except for in public. Then I use the cute ones :)

Fitted Crib Sheet
Skill Level: Moderate
Time: One evening
Tutorial Used? Yes, but I wouldn't recommend the one I tried
Tips/Suggestions: Use elastic all the way around, not just in the corners
Would I make it again? No. It was kind of a lot of effort and I wasn't pleased with the results. It didn't fit as snug as I would have liked. So my recommendation is to buy some cute crib sheets at Target. It's a lot easier.

Crib Skirt
Skill Level: Easy
Time: Under an hour
Tutorial Used? Here is the tutorial I wrote on how to make an easy flat panel crib skirt from a $5 Walmart Bed Sheet.   
Tips/Suggestions: Using a bed sheet for you fabric source saves time compared to buying material at a fabric store because you can utilize pre-sewn hem lines.
Would I make it again? Yes. Easy, cheap and now I can use the under crib space for hidden storage.

Equilateral Triangle Quilt
Skill Level: Difficult
Time: About a month working a few hours at a time here and there.
Tutorial Used? No, but you can read about my quilt here.
Tips/Suggestions: Don't iron/press the dimensional minky fabric. The little raised circles will flatten out.
Would I make it again? Yes. This project required the most effort, but it was also the most fulfilling to make. The colors and fabrics totally fit my style and I love that my daughter has something handmade by mommy.

Bonus, it makes a good photo backdrop.

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