December 6, 2011

Glass Christmas Light Gift Box

Glass Christmas lighted gift box.

Several years ago, my father gave me a lighted glass block - a frosted glass bathroom block from Lowes, filled with Christmas lights. I have absolutely loved this gift from my Dad. It is one of my favorite gifts ever received.

Inspired by my father's gift, today I made a similar lighted block as a gift for another family member (I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog, so I don't mind sharing it on here) Unlike my father's version, which requires drilling a hole into a hollow bathroom glass block, this craft block from Hobby Lobby already had an opening in the bottom.

This project is super easy - simply fill the block with a strand of lights and tie a bow on top. For instructions on tying a bow like mine, click here.

What you need:
Glass Craft Block from Hobby Lobby
Spool of Ribbon
100 count strand of Christmas lights

I already had an extra strand of lights, which helped on costs, but even if you had to purchase everything full price, you should be able to make this for under $20. Merry Christmas!

Admiring the finished project.

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  1. That glowing glass block IS cool looking!
    PS- We store our 72 hr backpacks on the highest shelf (okay the only shelf) in our coat closet. It's great for us because it's out of the way, and located very near our front door and garage door. :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. Beautiful! I want one :) This is being featured this week at Lines Across. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Super cute, easy and cheap. You really hit this one out of the ballpark!

  4. How do you plug this in? It looks like it sits flat, so where does the cord come out?
    Or do you use the battery lights?

    1. It's just a regular strand of Christmas lights!! The cord comes out of the pre-cut hole in the bottom and runs along the slight indent where the ribbon goes. I just stretch out as much of the lights as needed to reach the plug (sometimes a few of the bulbs will be outside of the box depending on length)

  5. Just wondering, did you use incandescent lights or LED?? I am trying this, but it seems like my incandescent lights are getting a little too hot, but I can't find LED in a small enough strand.

    1. I used a 100 count strand of incandescent lights. Yes, it does get a little warm after plugged in for a while. If it's any reassurance, I've had mine for several years and never had any issues from it. Although, I do practice safe holiday decorating and unplug all indoor Christmas lights when leaving the house or going to bed. If you are worried about it, you could try a 50 count strand.

    2. Ok, thanks. Ya, I was going to put greenery on the inside, but after feeling how warm it got I figured it was safest just to decorate the outside.