December 12, 2013

Create a Snowscape with Shaving Cream and Plastic Princessess

A few weeks ago I shared a round-up of the best free printables for advent calendar activity cards. There were so many great Christmas activities that I had trouble choosing just one printable to use, so I ended combining my favorite activities from various sources.
(If you'd like to view the round-up,  here's a link: The Top 10 Free Advent Activity Card Printables.)

One of my favorite activity cards thus far was an idea from Wendolonia's adorable printables reading, "Create a snowscape with shaving cream and action figures." We modified the card for our daughter replacing princesses for action figures.

All I can say is WOW! What a fun (and cheap) family activity.

Supplies needed:
Shaving cream - I used the $1 generic brand
Lid from a large storage container to protect your table
Small plastic toys

Have fun!
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