January 14, 2014

Boy or Girl? Our Gender Reveal

One of the perks to volunteering at a pregnancy center is that I have access to ultrasound equipment, and because sonography was my professional background before having kids, I was able to preform a quick ultrasound on myself early in the pregnancy and reveal baby's gender well before my official 20 week anatomy scan with my OB.

Our family wasn't aware that we already knew baby's sex, so a little impromptu gender reveal on Thanksgiving Day was a fun surprise. We wanted to include our daughter in the announcement, so to reveal baby's gender, we let our three year old open an old vintage trunk which we had decorated inside with lighted tulle garland, Christmas lights, and a pennant banner. (The tulle Christmas light garland is the same one I wrote about HERE)
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Our three year old is so excited to be a big sister, and she is even more excited that her new sibling is little sister instead of a brother. She really wants to name the baby "January" but mom and dad have other names in mind :-) 

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  1. Yay! I have a matched set of girls and it is wonderful! Congrats!