January 18, 2014

Fabric Name Banner or Bunting for a Big Girl Room

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During my blogging break last summer, I completed a lot of DIY crafts but have only blogged about a few of them. This personalized fabric name banner (or is it called a bunting?) was made when my daughter transitioned into her big girl bed last year.

To begin this project, I chose a white mid-weight linen and actually cut two layers of fabric for each of the banner's triangle. I did this because I wanted the weight of each triangle to be fairly substantial and avoid edge curling.

The next step was to make bias tape out of fat quarters for the trim work around each triangle. This is pretty easy and you can easily google instructions for DIY bias tape, but basically, you cut a long strip of fabric - I believe mine was 2" wide - press in half lengthwise, and then press in half lengthwise again. Sew around the triangle's two long edges.

The name letters were also cut from fat quarters. This was before I owned a cutting machine so I hand traced the letters from a computer printout.  I backed the pink fabric with Heat and Bond Ultra iron transfer and simply ironed each letter onto a pennant.

The final step was to assemble the banner. I used store bought bias tape for this step (the darker pink "string" running along the top) which I sewed onto the top of each triangle. The edges of the each triangle intentionally overlap to prevent buckling, as this was a fairly large project.

I used a clear 3M command hook to attach to wall.

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