March 10, 2014

Maternity Bow Belts

A few months ago I whipped up some DIY Maternity Bow Belts. I wore this style belt quite a bit during my second trimester to provide definition and give the illusion of a waistline when regular tops no longer fit, but my maternity shirts were still a bit roomy.

These belts were super easy to make. If you can make a headband, you can make this belt.

The white bow belt was made using two different ribbon types stacked together and the bow was assembled using THIS TUTORIAL. The bow was then stitched onto piece of elastic trim.

The green bow was made from an old knit tank top. The elastic band was salvaged from the shelf bra liner band on the same tank.

The coral colored bow belt is on a satin ribbon with an elastic closure. Here is a closer look.

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